Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Review: Poison Princess

Poison Princess Poison Princess by Kresley Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. It's not that the plot line was particularly original. It's not, at all. If I had to describe this book in a sentence it'd be. 'The Walking Dead' meets 'The Hunger Games' being played out by X-men named for Tarot Cards. Bam. That's really all there is to it so far. This book was clearly written to be part of a series, which in and of itself limits the scope of the plot of this story installment toward the overall story line. This isn't a work made up by artistically wondrous sentences. How is this all adding up to a 5-star rating? What this book was is entertaining as hell. It sucked me in and left me ready to move on to Book #2, immediately, at 1:30 am. Sometimes it's not about how original the story is or how acclaimed the book is, sometimes it's just about the storytelling and it's even more impressive for pulling off a great story in spite of it's flaws. This book is like a Marvel movie. Totally not capable of winning a prestigious literary award and awesome regardless.

I do still REALLY want to know where the Oxygen is coming from in this book but I'm gonna try to overlook that nagging question. If you have an answer please feel free to leave in comments.

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