Thursday, June 22, 2017

Review: Lord of Shadows

Lord of Shadows Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lord of Shadows was pretty par for course. If you enjoyed the other Shadowhunter novels then you will most likely enjoy this book too. Ms. Clare has a special way of creating characters and setting that allows a readers to sink into them and enjoy. There are some books where I very much like the plot but the the slower areas of the book feel like a burden to get through. With the Shadowhunter books I never really get bored, even with the slower parts because I genuinely like the characters and the way they interact with one another which allows even the most mundane events to still be pleasant to read. That pun wasn't originally intended but we'll leave it there for good measure. Sometimes when I find a series that already has several volumes I'll try to read straight through but then find myself needing to take a break, often even when I really like the series. With Ms. Clare's Shadowhunter book I never I always experience the opposite. With every new release I recall how much enjoy her writing and want to start all over again from the start. Wrap up: basically if you've read the other parts of this series and are a fan then this book should not disappoint. If you haven't read the other books by lordy don't start here you'll be hella confused. My only tiny complaint is that this book did seem to be really heavy with the love triangle/threesome relationships. No body seems to be 100% certain on who they feel what for. Still loved the read though.

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